BCKV Turmeric project  supported by Paschimanchal Parshad  has taken a big challenge for the people of Paschimanchal covering the districts of Bankura, Purulia,West Midnapore.   The areas where we we work are rain-fed. We found vast areas of those areas remain fallow or unsuitable for growing paddy. Again, uplands in many areas are covered by trees.  We are focusing to bring those areas under Turmeric. however, we advised farmers to diversify a part of his land with turmeric based cropping pattern. We have demonstrated kharif maize or groundnut ar arum or elephant foot are options for mixed cropping.  Similarly, we are bringing the cropping pattern  practiced  by manik Dey-a legendary figure in turmeric cultivation. However in many occasion we held camps with farmers’club, NGOs, SHGs to disseminate our technology.

News papers are facilitating to cater our programs fast.Today, dr,Dipak Ghosh sent a news coverage on Cheliama camp. In this camp  50 women SHG-members participated. The coverage is displayed below.




We have successfully launched our turmeric-journey in Paschimanchal. The districts of Bankura, Purulia & West Midnapore are our primarily focused operational areas. To compare & contrast outcomes in Paschimanchal we have also set up units at Nadia,Hoogly & South-24-Parganas. However, at present more than fourteen blocks comprise our turmeric-target sub-regional units. More than five hundred farm-households are our direct stakeholders. This huge task is shouldered by individual beneficiaries as well as Farmers; Club,local organizations, NGOs, friends and turmeric lovers. We got a good number of village volunteers who are in constant touch with us and keep liaison with the growers.
We have been receiving enormous support from the Ministry of Paschimanchal unnaya parshad,Government set up, Banks & other institutions. Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya has been playing a pivotal role for implementation of turmeric-project for the backward region.

during last month I went to see a number of clusters in Purulia district. This time Dr.Dipak Ghosh made a quick follow up survey in Bankura district. Despite odd weather condition, he moved to a number of spots in G.Ghati,Chhatna $ Bankura-11 blocks in Bankura.

I was getting every moment-news from him . He went to Mangaldah,bamandiha,Barachaka and other adjucent fields. intermittent rains stopped him moving further. Many of farms are near to rivers. Rivers were fuelling this time. It was hard to move through mud-roads.
Dipak is optimistic in getting results. Villagers welcomed him with blessings.
I was interedted what happened to Barachaka. Barachaka is a tribal village. It has been successfull,
Tribals have shown turmeric in waste lands, under forests $ up-lands. Similarly, Bamandiaha-another tribal village at the foot hill of Susunia showed positive response.
I shall share more on getting personal feed back from Dr.Ghosh.

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