Guhiram Soren- a tribal from Purulia has thrown a challange to so called tribal exorcists. He has openly critisied those exorcists(Gunnins) practising witch-crafts. Soren is also a Gunnin but does not believe in miracles. According to him,he uses herbals and natural medicines which cure diseases that are not the gift of any supernatural power. He challanged all the tribal gunnins in a conference of Gunnins where many established gunnins gathered for showing their extra natural power.

In that conclave he warned the fake gunnis and asked them to disclose their activities by science. It is a great challange to his own community.

Let us see what happens to soren-the great in future.


I can not forget the dissertation work of Rajarshi on Rural health-carried over in some pockets of Bankura district centering Dalpur Ashram. Rajarshi documented a shabby picture of the region. He observed perpetual malnutrition and poverty among the rural people there.  Across discussion he accumulated that the on-going welfare programs are slow in the region. People are entirely dependent on single crop. Livelihood systems are not stable. People have no access to markets or job-opportunities. Schooling among students are not impressive. Only the ray of hope he discovered by the efforts of Swami Madhabanandaji . Swamiji  has taken a self-vow to change the livelihood. His experiment with rural resources and rural people give us some sort of hope in the region.

The Ashram needs linkages from other rural based institutions. I am happy that Atma-project is sanctioned in favor of the Ashram. I have the hope that Swamiji would harvest some sorts of technologies for the poor fellow.

I take the free opportunity to request viewers of this article to have a look on the experiments of a rural youth turned to a karma-yogi.


October 20, 2008

A few days back I had been to my native place in Bankura district. The district is a part of Rarh Bengal. Rarh has a cultural heritage but known to be a backward region. The western part of the district is most suffering area dominated by tribals,scheduled castes and other low-order groups. The whole area is unirrigated. Urbanization is not seen any where. People live depending on rain.If there is good rain they laugh otherwise become sorrow. If you want to see poverty,malnutrition,underemployment, illiteracy  then please visit the wester part of bankura.

In such a region, I found Madhabanandaji- a young yogi at Dapur trying hard to ameliorate the condition of the poor living nearby Dalpur ashram. He has bulit up the Ashram with natural resources. One can find the nature and its co-existence with Ashram there. One can also have a glimpse of Susunia Hill clearly visible from this calm Ashram. One can enjoy holidays  with out discomfort at Dalpur Ashram. Madhabanandaji loves people and he loves guests -if you are a new comer to the place. He will do whatever he can for you. you may experiment it.

Madhabanadaji has thrown a challange for doing something amongst rural resources. He is a visioner of the place. He has been experimenting livestock farming in the place. he is successful. He has planted differnt kinds of fodders which could be easily grown in that dry tract. Similarly, he has been experimenting sericulture. This enterprise would be a successful venture in the region. He has built a training centre from where he preaches the tribals and others on various economic activities. Now he is busy with developing SHGs.

I am writing this blog to draw your attention. Helping Dalpur Ashram is helping the poor of Dalpur.