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June 16, 2013


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June 16, 2013


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June 2, 2013

Well my friends I have come back again. I was too tired to say on Kandhamal ‘s Meria festival. Thanks to your good wisdom that Meria tradition has gone. It is now a blocked chapter and a history. Now, I would share some customs centering me.   Customs be it ritual or religion grows over time based on some objects. I represent a close friend of mankind. I am sacred and auspicious irrespective of boundaries. Thus Aryans as well as non Aryans both regard me and see virtues upon me. Traditions with me are still in vogue among tribal communities in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and North east region. There you will find Mangalsutra. A piece of mine is tied with yellow thread hanged over neck. Yellow color is made with my inherent ingredients. I am the symbol of mangal – (benign). Tribal have faith in me. If I am with them, no evil force can harm. This is how they respect me.


Have you ever seen Onam festival in Kerala? During this festival male wears new dhoti colored by turmeric. They know yellow color cloth is favored by lord Krishna who always used to wear Yellow colored clothes. Lord Krishna is named as Pitambar for his yellow colored dress. This is an expression of their belief as well as love. Similarly wearing yellow clothes females want to feel themselves to be nearer to Devi Durga.


Baby birth with oil mixed with turmeric is a traditional custom among the tribal. You can see this custom in Paschimanchal of Bengal.  My journey starts when you see the earth. I am also with you when you are dead. Tribal, particularly Santhals rub the deceased body before cremation.


Your life is incomplete with out me. In Bengal and eastern part, Gayehalud is common. Brides refresh their body with turmeric paste before marriage. Dandasis tribe of Punjab follows customs with turmeric at the time of marriage ceremony.  Couples are tied with turmeric-dipped thread seven times.  Parents bless the spouses sprinkling turmeric-water at the final stage of marriage ceremony. In Tamil Nadu Tareya tribe invite guests by smearing turmeric powder to their doors.


In Tamil nadu, AP, women put yellow mark at forehead, cheeks, body as a custom. Kerala women favor me much. They always use turmeric paste for their health care. The news went to Rome. Roman women favored India as because quality turmeric is grown here.


Tamil, AP people elevated my position to the height of God. Haridra-Ganesh is worshipped there. I am blessed and loved by you all.


I am a celebrated entity. My name is mentioned in Ramayana.


The list of customs needs another Ramayana.