Budhni Mejan- a tribal girl in her fifteen reached the dais.  There were all VIPs. In the middle there was none other than Nehuruji- the then prime minister.  Budhni is in her tribal dress. She was looking fresh. She  was the hope and aspirations  of new India. DVC will be opened with new hope. it will bring water in Bengal. Farmers will harvest more & more. Her attire & glazing look and deep eyes were centre of all.  She came smartly. she put red-tika on the forehead of the prime minister. She garlanded him. Touched Nehuru with affection. the moment was ready a fifteen year girl will put DVC in order. Buttom was pushed by her.All clapped. Now, Budhni is more in her gesture & voice. She spoke in her language. All understood with out knowing santhali what Budhni was speaking.Budhni returned home.Khap Panchayat called open meeting. Charges are against her. She had violated customs,traditions and cul;ture. All agreed to outcast her.  Karbona-the home & abode rejected her. Budhni cried out but  Khap rule prevailed. With pain & sorrow she left her adorned village. She was alone. She moved here & there no body gave her shelter. It was Sudhir Datta an employee of DVC accepted her & married.  DVC people were more apathy to her. she was sacked from service.

Days went on she was forgotton. But Budhni did not forget her home. She tried again and again to live in her soil.  Oh. she was refused all time.

Budhni lost her village,lost her job and lost sympathy from others.  At the age age of 58 she brought her case to the notice of Rajib Gandhi-the grandson of Nehuru occupying the chair of Primeminister. rajibji listened to her and directed to DVC officials to reinstate her. Budhni won the battle.

I searched her fervently. I could not meet. Last month i met many tribals of her area. I told them about her. No body recognize her name. Still I was searching Where is that historic lady. day before yesterday I got the news from internet that She is no more.

She is lost. albeit my memory is afresh .it is alive as I saw Budhni while inaugurating . I was a play boy that time.