April 29, 2013


Koras are forgotten minor Tribal group.


Turmeric: My Journey

April 19, 2013

In my first confession I iterated that I ‘m  Indian. Yes, I again say I am proud of being Indian. I am also keeping the holy tradition of my country. Our Rishis echoed  in those days that ” the world is yours: Basudeva Kutumbakam”. I   still follow their eternal  values.  I went to Tibet, Java,Indonesia  when Indians moved there. Indians sowed turmeric-culture to distant countries. I recall the then trade centre at Malabar. People from Arabs,Greeks,Roman  used to come at Malabar port. It was famous for spice trade. history witnesses that 950 B.C. Arabians  used to act as middlemen  of spice trade. Arabians  used to market india turmeric to west through sea-ways. Arabians never disclosed  my birthplace to others . They kept  it secret for their trade-safety and monopoly in business.  However, in course of time all knew the fact.

Now,I represent the 2nd largest foreign exchange earner among Indian spices.  Day by day  there is a spree for using me-be in cosmetic or dying or health industry. Foreigners are doing more and more research upon me. You pl.open  net and take note all these. If you see trade-statistics you can understand my status in other counties. They imported 46405 mts during 2005-06. Its value was around 152 crores. within a short span export volume increased to more than 50,000.00 mts. During 2008-09  export amount crossed 52000 mts. At 2012  i went to abroad  with 70,000 mts.weight. I was purchased by 650 crores.
You may ask where do i roam? You study  my data. Everything is disclosed. My favorite destination is Arab. I have long association with them. They love me much.  one fifth of export is to Arabs alone. Next country is USA. 12% of total export goes to USA. One point is here USA  imports more than 95% of turmeric from India.  I also visit to my neighbor Bangladesh(10%). Similarly Sri Lanka is another destination(5.50%). It is followed by U.K.(5.45%).
Wait and see .I am growing. Nobody can stop me. My India is ideal  for my growth. It has places of warm & humid. I feel o.k. to grow there .