May 12, 2014



Nutandi is a tiny village in West Bengal, India. The village is dominated by Muslim population. There are about 650 Muslim women voters in this village. The darkest spot of Nutandi has been of denial right -ship to women .They are prohibited by males from casting vote.Surprisingly, Women of the village could not exercise votes in Elections since independence. The fact was no longer hidden,it came to the media during 2011. Again,it was surfaced recently.
It is difficult to get the reasons behind such cult. Women of this village do not wear full length Purdah(veils). It is not that women are prisoners confined to home only. I saw many of them  going to markets,banks ,health centers and other places. There are a good number of educated people living here. There are also a good number of girls enrolled in primary school. The village is well connected with nearby towns. Despite , age-long tradition is going on there.  Women would not participate in the Election process. Most interestingly, Last year a woman of this village was  contestant to a local government,surprisingly the very lady did not cast her own vote. In fact, women have been living here in a low profile with inherited inferior status. The tradition of the village is ‘hidden wife is a good wife’. Males are not ready to give power to the women.

In above situation, Lutfunnessa-a young lady revolted. She gave a call for change. she stood amidst adversity and criticisms. She is the first women in Nutandi who cast vote since independence(1947).. Following her pursuits,thirty women came forward and slapped the orthodox rules of the community.

Lutfunnessa has been awarded by the Election Commissioner.


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